Appendix on Minimum Data Requirements - Certificate of Origin

The minimum data to be included in the Certificate of Origin are:

1. Exporter detailsThe name and address and contact details of the exporter
2. Shipment details (a Certificate of Origin can only apply to a single shipment of goods)
  1. Consignee name and address
  2. Sufficient details to identify the consignment, such as importer’s purchase order number, invoice number and date and Air Way Bill or Sea Way Bill or Bill of Lading
  3. Port of Discharge, if known
3. Full description of goods
  1. Detailed description of the goods, including HS Code (6-digit level), and if applicable, product number and brand name
  2. The relevant origin conferring criteria
  3. FOB Value[1]
4. Certification by Issuing Authority/BodyCertification by the Issuing Authority/Body that, based on the evidence provided, the goods specified in the Certificate of Origin meet all the relevant requirements of Chapter 3 (Rules of Origin)
5. Certificate of Origin numberA unique number assigned to the Certificate of Origin by the Issuing Authority/Body


1 In the case of Australia and New Zealand, a Certificate of Origin or back-to-back Certificate of Origin which does not state the FOB value shall be accompanied by a declaration made by the exporter stating the FOB value of each good described in the Certificate of Origin.


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