Primer on Rules of Origin

AANZFTA, through the Trade in Goods and Rules of Origin chapters, is expected to open up business opportunities for traders and exporters that would benefit both the private sector and consumers.  Understanding the AANZFTA Rules of Origin will ensure that producers, traders and exporters receive the full benefits from the preferential tariff treatment under the Agreement.

The Primer on Rules of Origin is a key publication produced through the AANZFTA Economic Cooperation Support Program. The primer intends to reach out to businesses across the twelve (12) Parties covered by AANZFTA and explain to them the rules of origin they would need to fulfill for their goods to be eligible for preferential tariff treatment under the AANZFTA.  The primer also sets out the processes that would be undertaken by government authorities to determine compliance to the AANZFTA rules of origin.

The main objective of the primer is to increase business awareness and understanding of the AANZFTA rules of origin. A better appreciation of AANZFTA rules of origin requirements and processes could help encourage businesses to increasingly tap and benefit from the various opportunities under the AANZFTA.

The Primer is available in the following languages (Note: Downloadable PDF files):

  • in English
  • in Cambodia National Language [PDF]
  • in Lao PDR National Language [PDF]
  • in Myanmar National Language [PDF]
  • in Viet Nam National Language [PDF]

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