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AANZFTA Tariff Finder Tutorial

The AANZFTA Tariff Finder is for businesses to maximize benefits from the Agreement Establishing the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Area (AANZFTA). Exporters and importers of goods can use this tool to check the preferential tariffs and rules applicable to specific commodities traded under AANZFTA. You can also compare the tariff rates and rules of a product against multiple AANZFTA Parties, export the search results in tables, and easily share them via email. All Schedules of Tariff Commitments and Product Specific Rules dataset in this AANZFTA Tariff Finder are presented in the harmonized system (HS) 2017.

The AANZFTA Tariff Finder is available in web-based version and mobile app for iOS and Android.


Mobile App Tariff Finder Tutorial

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1. Home Screen

  • Start your search by selecting the "Start your search here" button.

2. Search Screen

  • Select the export country (maximum three) and importing country/-ies.
  • Click the search field and input the HS Code or the Keyword that describes your product.

3. Suggestion Result

  • Select one of the suggested results.

4. Tariff Result

  • The result shows the list of the tariffs base on the importing country.
  • Use the filter function to filter the result.

5. Export Function

  • Use the export function by clicking the three-dot on the button left corner.
  • Can be exported to excel or send to email.

Website Tariff Finder

The Website AANZFTA Tariff Finder is the web-based version of the tariff system, which can be found here.

Website Tariff Finder Tutorial

2. Select Exporting Country, Importing Country, and Enter an HS Code or keyword that describes your product.

3. You can select multiple exporting and importing countries.
4. Click Search to search the data.
5. The search result will be shown below the search form.

6. Click one of the results to show detail description of the item.

The description will be shown below the search result.

7. Click one of the description items to see the detailed data.

The detailed data will be shown below.

8. Click the "Export to Excel" button to download the data in excel format.

9. You can also email the result by clicking the "Email Results" button.

1. Enter your email in the field.
2. Click Send to send the result to your email.

10. If you want to search again, click the "search again" button, and all the previous search results will be reset.

11. Click the "Download Full FTA Tariff Schedule" button to download the Full FTA Tariff Schedule.

1. Will be redirected to page Annex 1: Schedules of Tariff Commitments.
2. You can view the data as required.