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Movement Of Natural Persons

(Photo: ASEAN - Community Relations Division)

(Photo: ASEAN - Community Relations Division)

Chapter 9 of the AANZFTA facilitates the movement of natural persons engaged in trade and investment among the AANZFTA Parties. This Chapter also sets out the obligations and commitments on the temporary movement of natural persons including:

  • business visitors
  • installers and servicers
  • executives of businesses, headquartered in a Party, establishing a branch or subsidiary, or other commercial presence in another Party
  • intra-corporate transferees
  • contractual service suppliers

The grant of temporary entry and stay of natural persons, including commitments on services provides (Mode 4), are set out in Annex 4: Schedules of Movement of Natural Persons Commitments. The schedules specify the conditions and limitations governing those commitments including the length of stay for each category of natural persons included in the schedules.

This Chapter also specifies the process for application of temporary entry and stay, and obligations on transparency.

Read the Agreement: Chapter 9. Movement of Natural Persons