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Media Releases

Title Date Sector
Cambodian Officials Trained to Undertake Consumer Law Investigations26 Feb 2021Consumer Protection
Viet Nam coordinates efforts to prevent and tackle investor-state disputes15 Jan 2021Investment
Launched: E-Learning on ASEAN Regional Guidelines for the Implementation of International Standards related to SPS Measures17 Nov 2020SPS
Joint Media Statement of the Twenty-Fifth AEM-CER Consultations29 Aug 2020General
ASEAN Officials Convened in a Regional Dialogue on Negative List Scheduling8 Dec 2019Trade in Services
Government Procurement Officials Meet to Share Sustainable Procurement Experiences29 Nov 2019Government Procurement
Competition Officials Meet to Discuss Market Studies25 Nov 2019Competition
ASEAN Officials Meet to Discuss Investment Policy Reviews and Outlook on Investment Policies in the Region9 Nov 2019Investment
ASEAN Developing Regional Guidelines on the Implementation of International Standards Related to Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures7 Nov 2019SPS
Strengthening Capacities of ASEAN Member States to Draft Negative List for Services Commitments 6 Nov 2019Trade in Services
Competition Officials Working Together on Market Studies 31 Oct 2019Competition
Enhancing the Role of Micro, Medium and Small Enterprises in Prepared Food Trade in AANZFTA24 Oct 2019STRACAP
AMS Meet to Finalise IP Tools to Widen Market Opportunities for Businesses17 Oct 2019Intellectual Property
AANZFTA Delivers First Consumer Protection Activity 30 Sep 2019Competition
ASEAN Competition Officials Join the ACCC and NZCC to Boost Competition Knowledge in the Region27 Sep 2019Competition
Competition Officials Working Together on Best Practice Remedies14 Sep 2019Competition
AANZFTA Diagnostic and Biosecurity Security Specialists Meet in Thailand28 Aug 2019SPS
Indonesia Began Developing a National Pest Diagnostic Network22 Jul 2019SPS
AANZFTA Competition Commissioners Meet In Australia3 Jul 2019Competition
Competition Officials Meet To Discuss Effective Remedies14 Jun 2019Competition
Two Pioneering Referencing Reports Completed For Comparison Of Education Qualification Under AQRF30 May 2019Trade in Services
Raising ASEAN's Awareness on the Concept of the Declaration of Rules of Origin Under AANZFTA17 May 2019Rules of Origin
Pilot Patent Examination Training Delivered To New Trainees5 Apr 2019Intellectual Property
ASEAN Member States Share Tips On Drafting Competition Law Regulations And Guidelines28 Feb 2019Competition
Competition Officials Working Together To Tackle Cartels22 Feb 2019Competition
AECSP Continued to Support ASEAN for a Pilot Full Cumulation Programme under AANZFTA22 Dec 2018Rules of Origin
AANZFTA Parties tackle investor-state dispute prevention and resolution28 Nov 2018Investment
AQRF Committee commences formal review of the draft AQRF Referencing Reports27 Nov 2018Trade in Services
ARDN enhances AMS' capacity in fruit fly identification16 Nov 2018SPS
AANZFTA Prepares for the Negotiation of a Pilot Full Cumulation Programme13 Nov 2018Rules of Origin
ASEAN Member States explore investigating abuse of dominance in Viet Nam competition workshop8 Nov 2018Competition
Construction and competition law officials meet to strengthen competition enforcement30 Oct 2018Competition
For Judges, by Judges – Competition Primers launched at OECD Workshop10 Oct 2018Competition
ASEAN Competition Agency Leaders Gather in Sydney28 Aug 2018Competition
ASEAN Member States master competition investigations in Thailand workshop20 Aug 2018Competition
Competition Officials From Indonesia And Viet Nam Hone Their Investigation Skills31 Jul 2018Competition
Competition Officials From Malaysia And Philippines Hone Their Skills In Evidence Handling And Interviewing3 Jul 2018Competition
ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework Committee Commences Peer-Review Process16 May 2018Trade in Services
ASEAN, Australia And New Zealand Officials Meet To Fine Tune Competition Economics Expertise9 May 2018Competition
CLIP Helps Thailand Implement Its New Competition Law19 Apr 2018Competition
ARDN Tackles The Identification Of Deadly Disease Vectors6 Apr 2018SPS
ARDN Enhances Identification Of Colletotrichum30 Mar 2018SPS
Competition Officials Working Together To Tackle Cartels23 Mar 2018Competition
CLIP Helping ASEAN Members Build Effective Enforcement Operations26 Feb 2018Competition
ASEAN To Firm Up Regional Guideline On The Implementation Of International Standards Related To SPS Measures23 Feb 2018SPS
Accurate Identification Of Downy Mildews To Facilitate Trade In South East Asia2 Feb 2018SPS
Training A New Generation Of Cartel Breakers1 Feb 2018Competition
Lao Officials Equipping Themselves With HS Implementation Capacity15 Dec 2017Trade in Goods
Myanmar Getting Ready To Implement Her Updated AANZFTA Tariff Reduction Schedules8 Dec 2017Trade in Goods
Strengthening Cooperation Between Competition Agencies And Aviation Regulators24 Nov 2017Competition
ARDN Stimulates The Formation Of Thailand’s National Diagnostic Network22 Nov 2017SPS
ASEAN To Enhance Quality Of Higher Education And People-To-People Mobility17 Nov 2017Trade in Services
Technical Training Of ASEAN Officials On Animal Risk Analysis3 Nov 2017SPS
CLIP Helping ASEAN Members To Start-Up National Competition Enforcers23 Oct 2017Competition
Improving The Quality Standards Of ASEANs Patent Examination Based On International Standards And Best Practices12 Oct 2017Intellectual Property
ASEAN To Strengthen Cooperation On Competition Law Enforcement6 Sep 2017Competition
ASEAN Underscores Quality Assurance In ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework Implementation Supported By AANZFTA19 Jul 2017Trade in Services
Lao PDR Pledges Further Investment Climate Reforms; Welcomes AANZFTA Support And OECD Advice To Attract Quality Investment19 Jul 2017Investment
Australian And ASEAN Competition Regulators Cooperate On Strategic Investigation Skills Under AANZFTA21 Jun 2017Competition
AANZFTA Explores Leniency Programs To Tackle Business Collusion2 Jun 2017Competition
AANZFTA Promotes Good Regulatory Practice To Facilitate Trade In The Food And Beverage Sectors2 Jun 2017STRACAP
Way Forward For ASEAN Competition16 Mar 2017Competition
ASEAN To Facilitate Regional Recognition Of Qualifications10 Feb 2017Trade in Services
AANZFTA Explores The Role Of Economics In Competition Law Enforcement9 Feb 2017Competition
AANZFTA Workshop Held To Enhance Parties’ Capacity In Project Design And Proposal Development7 Feb 2017General
CLIPPINGS: Newsletter Of The AANZFTA Competition Law Implementation Program7 Dec 2016Competition
AANZFTA Supports ASEAN International Trademark Operations2 Dec 2016Intellectual Property
AANZFTA Combats Anti-Competitive Activities2 Dec 2016Competition
General Review Of AANZFTA2 Dec 2016General
AANZFTA Parties Tackle Changes In Standard Classification Of Traded Goods29 Jul 2016Trade in Goods
ASEAN, Australia, And New Zealand Regulators Cooperate To Develop Regions Dairy Industry29 Jul 2016SPS
Combating Cartels In ASEAN13 Mar 2016Competition
AANZFTA Supports Studies And Dialogue On Services Liberalization13 Mar 2016Trade in Services
ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF)13 Mar 2016Trade in Services
ASEAN Completes Trainings On Rules Of Origin29 May 2015Rules of Origin
ASEAN Holds Advanced Training On Madrid Protocol11 Dec 2014Intellectual Property
ASEAN Discusses Approach To Effective Competition Enforcement17 Jul 2014Competition
ASEAN Raises Capacity To Protect Genetic Resources And Traditional Knowledge9 Jun 2014Intellectual Property
ASEAN To Enhance Logistics Services2 May 2014Trade in Services
Regional Patent Examination Training For ASEAN Embarks On Its Second Year10 Apr 2014Competition
Improving Intellectual Property Management Knowledge Key To Regional Business Success In ASEAN21 Nov 2013Intellectual Property
ASEAN Develops Framework To Facilitate Movement Of Skilled Labour And Professionals14 Nov 2013Trade in Services
Making International Brand Protection Easier For ASEAN Businesses7 Nov 2013Intellectual Property
Myanmar Pledges Further Investment Climate Reforms; Welcomes Efforts To Promote Responsible Investment22 Oct 2013Investment
ASEAN Enhances Mobility Of Skilled Labour Through Qualifications Reference Framework13 Oct 2013Trade in Services
UN And APEC To Collaborate With ASEAN On Harmonising Regional Statistics On Trade And Tourism7 Oct 2013Trade in Services
The Third ASEAN Competition Conference Focuses On Regional Competition Cooperation And Integration6 Jul 2013Competition