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Competition Officials Meet To Discuss Effective Remedies

14 June 2019

Viet Nam, 11-13 June 2019 - Officials from the Viet Nam Competition and Consumer Protection Authority (VCCA) and Thailands Office of Trade Competition Commission (OTCC), together with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) met to discuss approaches to identifying, negotiating and enforcing remedies for competition law infringements.

This three-day workshop, participated by experienced investigators, was designed to increase their understanding of the function and purpose of remedies for competition law infringements, and build their confidence in applying skills in identifying, negotiating and monitoring remedies. As both Viet Nam and Thailands competition authorities work to implement recently revised laws, the practical workshop focused on sharing experiences and challenges, as well as peer-to-peer learning. It covered topics such as structural and behavioural remedies; financial and non-financial remedies; monitoring and enforcing compliance with remedies; and international cooperation.

Mr Piriyapong Sriboonlue, Foreign Affairs Officer at the OTCC stated, "The issue of remedies is particularly important to the OTCC as the OTCC prepares to make use of new powers to impose remedies for breaches of the competition law."

The workshop, delivered by specialist presenters from the ACCC, deepened participants understanding and increased their confidence in implementing both merger and non-merger related remedies. Ms Hai Le Phan, Antitrust Division Officer at the VCCA, commented, "As the new law on competition comes into force from 1 July 2019, this workshop provides us with knowledge and skills to identify effective remedies for violations of this law."

The workshop was organised by the ACCC, with support from the ASEAN Secretariat, as part of the multi-phase Competition Law Implementation Program (CLIP) under the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Area Economic Support Programme (AECSP). Currently, in its third phase, CLIP promotes collaboration between competition agencies in the region to share resources, skills and techniques.

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