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Launched: E-Learning on ASEAN Regional Guidelines for the Implementation of International Standards related to SPS Measures

17 November 2020

A key component of improving international trade is to enhance the implementation of the Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Agreement by international standards. As such, the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Area (AANZFTA) Economic Cooperation Support Programme (AECSP) is pleased to introduce a series of e-learning modules on ASEAN Regional Guidelines for the Implementation of International Standards related to SPS Measures. This e-learning is freely accessible to the public via this link

The e-learning contains 16 modules, as part of four ASEAN Regional Guidelines, focused on basic principles of the SPS Agreement and risk analysis in the areas of animal health, plant health, and food safety. Government officials from food safety, plant health, animal health sectors as well as the public, by and large, would benefit from these e-learning modules.

“SPS Measures play a significant role in trade between the AMS and other countries, as agricultural and food items, fish and animal products account for a large share of the goods traded. In these trade relations, there is a balance to be maintained between protecting consumers and creating a supportive international environment for animal and plant-based exports from developing countries. This AECSP supported project signifies close cooperation among AANZFTA Parties, through AANZFTA SC-SPS, in facilitating trade in this region,” said Dato’ Haslina binti Abdul Hamid, Deputy Secretary-General (Policy), Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries of Malaysia, ASEAN Co-Chair of the AANZFTA SC-SPS.

The development of this e-learning was part of a project supported by AECSP, called ‘Development of ASEAN Regional Guidelines for Implementation of International Standards Related to SPS Measures’. The project aimed to assist ASEAN Member States to develop their national SPS standards in compliance with international standards, guidelines and recommendations, where they exist. The ultimate goal is to help ASEAN countries in maximising the benefits of AANZFTA through enhanced trade within the region and between Australia and New Zealand in particular.

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