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Third Cohort of ASEAN Officials Completes Competition Enforcement Training Programme

13 May 2021


Jakarta, 13 May 2022—The third cohort of nine competition officials from five ASEAN Member States (AMS) completed a ten-week train-the-trainer programme from 10 February 2022 to 12 April 2022. The programme was designed to strengthen participants’ skills in leading and training staff to enforce national competition laws effectively.

Expert competition law enforcers and former officials of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) had conducted webinars and mentored these participants, honing their ability to lead training activities, manage investigation teams, and strengthen their understanding of competition law enforcement.

Supports for future trainers continue to grow as the region’s competition institutions, and their capabilities and experiences develop and deepen. Each participant in the training programme was identified as a future leader and staff trainer by their home agency. Participating countries were Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

Riris Munadiya, a programme participant from the Indonesia Competition Commission (locally known as Komisi Pengawas Persaingan Usaha), stated her intention to implement learning from the webinars to improve teamwork in her agency.

Another participant, Ismail Faruqi Abdullah from the Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC), said that the advice and views provided during the one-on-one mentoring sessions were ‘truly practical and insightful.’ He also planned to share the learnings from the programme with his colleagues in MyCC.

Sharing a similar sentiment, a third participant said: ‘I intend to bring back some key learnings to discuss with my agency’s management, to see whether we can implement some of these initiatives. It has been very insightful to learn how other competition agencies have dealt with similar issues.’

Course facilitators Alan Ducret and Guy Launder praised the positive engagement of all participants throughout the programme as they were enthusiastic and prepared to ask questions and provide their insights.

This was the third iteration of the train-the-trainer programme. The previous cohorts were concluded in May and September 2021.

The ACCC delivered the activity in collaboration with the ASEAN Secretariat, including the AANZFTA Support Unit. The training is part of the Competition Law Implementation Programme (CLIP) Phase IV, supported by the AANZFTA Economic Cooperation Support Programme (AECSP). CLIP focuses on supporting ASEAN competition agencies to build knowledge and practical expertise in the region by sharing resources, skills, and techniques for effective competition law implementation.


For more information on the project or the AECSP, please contact the AANZFTA Support Unit at 


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