Pilot patent examination training delivered to new trainees

Trainee patent examiners from Viet Nam and Philippines have been the first to pilot competency-based training programs developed through the Regional Patent Examination Training (RPET) Mentoring Program. Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are also preparing to follow suit with a pilot later this year.

In preparation for the launch of the training, IP Australias Mentors visited Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam in December 2018 with the aim of enhancing individual Intellectual Property (IP) Offices internal training capacity and self-sufficiency to provide their own training. During the two-week visits, the Mentors guided local trainers, through one-on-one coaching, on delivery techniques and the new competency-based tools. Subsequently, the Philippines has successfully piloted the training program with a new intake of 11 examiners and Viet Nam with eight new examiners.

In June 2019, the Mentors will travel to the offices again, to assist trainers to overcome challenges and provide further intensive training on presenting and on-the-job coaching.

Started in July 2017, the RPET Mentoring program has worked with a cohort of local trainers to upskill them in training delivery. After 18 months of implementation, each participating ASEAN IP office has their own national competency-based training program customised to national legislation and practice. A trainer from Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MYIPO) commented “We have gained knowledge and skills that we didnt have before; how to build training modules in each specific field of patent examination and, with our mentor, practiced how to deliver the training modules effectively. I know how to give a better presentation, making sure the crowd is following my presentation and remains engaged. Training simulation exercises have helped me to identify mistakes and prepare for when new trainees start.”

RPET Mentoring is the continuation of the award winning RPET Program, and has been designed to deliver long lasting outcomes for participating IP offices in ASEAN. RPET Mentoring is undertaken by IP Australia with support from the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Area (AANZFTA) Economic Cooperation Support Program (AECSP).

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