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Guide For ASEAN Business

AANZFTA aims to open up greater economic opportunities for businesses across the twelve Parties by creating a market environment that promotes certainty, predictability and transparency. Specifically, AANZFTA contributes to: greater market access for businesses in the region; economies of scale in production; better opportunities for networking and complementation; and enhanced collaboration among businesses and their eventual participation in regional value chains.

The Guide for ASEAN Business introduces the AANZFTA and guides the business community and other stakeholders within ASEAN on how to navigate its implementation and utilisation.  The Guide highlights the salient provisions of the Agreement, including market opportunities that have been created for ASEAN manufacturers, traders, investors and professionals. The Guide is designed to complement the legal text of the AANZFTA, but does not attempt to interpret, in any way, the legal text of the Agreement.

Copies of the AANZFTA: A Guide for ASEAN Business are available in the following languages:

  • in English
  • in Cambodia National Language - [ PDF]
  • in Lao PDR National Language - [ PDF]
  • in Myanmar National Language - [ PDF]
  • in Viet Nam National Language - [ PDF]

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