ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA)

The AANZFTA is a comprehensive and single-undertaking free trade agreement that opens up and creates new opportunities for approximately 663 million peoples of ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand – a region with a combined Gross Domestic Product of approximately USD 4 trillion as of 2016. In line with the ASEAN Community Vision 2025, the AANZFTA aims…

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Tariff Finder
Product Specific Rules
Preferential Tariff Application
Specimen Signatures
Tariff Finder

The AANZFTA Tariff Finder is a tool to help businesses obtain up-to-date information on the preferential tariffs applicable to a specific commodity in the AANZFTA region.

To access the AANZFTA Tariff Finder, please visit the ASEAN Tariff Finder website, click on "Please Start Your Search Here" and select AANZFTA in the "Select FTA" menu.


In the photo: Employees of the Nong Hoi Royal Project center prepare lettuce for packaging in a processing plant in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Photo: ASEAN - Community Relations Division)

Product Specific Rules

View of port activities at the Jakarta International Container Terminal in North Jakarta, Indonesia (Photo: ASEAN - Community Relations Division).

AANZFTA stipulates that a good meeting the Product Specific Rules (specifying that the materials used to produce the good have undergone a change in tariff classification or a specific manufacturing or processing operation, or satisfy a regional value content criteria) shall be treated as an originating good.

This Product Specific Rules Finder is an efficient tool to help users find the Product Specific Rules, applicable to each good traded under the AANZFTA, using its Harmonized System code.

Preferential Tariff Application

A container is lifted during operations at Hai Phong Port, Hai Phong City, Viet Nam (Photo: ASEAN - Community Relations Division).

Traders and exporters can enjoy preferential tariff treatment under the AANZFTA. To avail of this, goods must comply with the AANZFTA Rules of Origin.

The AANZFTA has established a mechanism where exporters could apply and obtain a Certificate of Origin in accordance with the Operational Certification Procedures that would ascertain that the goods being exported to another AANZFTA Party are eligible for preferential tariff treatment.

Please click here for the step-by-step instructions.

Specimen Signatures

Containers are loaded and unloaded at the Port of Singapore Keppel Terminal in Singapore (Photo: ASEAN - Community Relations Division).

The AANZFTA Annex on Operational Certification Procedures on the issuance and verification of Certificate of Origin under Chapter 3 on Rules of Origin specifies that the Certificate of Origin shall be issued by an Issuing Authority of the exporting Party, and that any Certificates of Origin issued by a person not included in the list of authorised personnel may not be honoured by the Customs Authority of the importing Party.

For this purpose, the Names, Specimen Signatures, Initials and Official Seals of the officials authorised to certify the Certificate of Origin for the AANZFTA can be verified using this password-protected page and are only accessible to authorised customs officials of the importing Party.


Date Event Title Component
14 - 16 Nov 20173rd ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework committee meeting back-to-back with 3rd AQRF committee technical expert workshopServices
23 - 24 Nov 2017Aviation and Competition Regulation Workshop under the AANZFTA Competition Law Implementation ProgramCompetition
01 - 31 Dec 2017Workshop on Competition Law enforcement for Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar & Brunei DarussalamCompetition
01 - 31 Dec 2017Launch of the Investment Policy Review for Cambodia (tbc)Investment
04 - 6 Dec 2017In-country training on transposition of AANZFTA tariff reduction schedules from HS 2012 to HS 2017 and related trade analysis for government officials of MyanmarRules of Origin
07 - 8 Dec 2017In-country seminar for Myanmar on data collecting and processing on the utilization of tariff preferencesRules of Origin
11 - 13 Dec 2017In-country training on transposition of AANZFTA tariff reduction schedules from HS 2012 to HS 2017 and related trade analysis for government officials of Lao PDRRules of Origin
11 Dec 201716th Meeting of the Ad-hoc Economic Cooperation Sub-CommitteeMeeting
12 Dec 2017FTA Joint Committee (FJC) Co-Chairs’ MeetingMeeting
14 - 15 Dec 2017In-country training for Lao PDR on trade and tariff data analysisRules of Origin
01 - 28 Feb 2018Consultation workshop for ASEAN regional guidelines for implementation of international SPS measuresSPS
01 - 31 Mar 2018Regional Patent Examination Training Mentoring Program – visit to Indonesia (tbc)Intellectual Property
01 - 31 Mar 2018Regional Patent Examination Training Mentoring Program – visit to Philippines (tbc)Intellectual Property
01 - 31 Mar 2018Regional Patent Examination Training Mentoring Program – visit to Malaysia (tbc)Intellectual Property
01 - 31 Mar 2018Regional Patent Examination Training Mentoring Program – visit to Thailand (tbc)Intellectual Property
01 - 31 Mar 2018Regional Patent Examination Training Mentoring Program – visit to Viet Nam (tbc)Intellectual Property


ASEAN to enhance quality of higher education and people-to-people mobility

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 November 2017 –Around seventy ASEAN officials representing the education, labour, and economic sectors participated in the Third National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Phase IV Workshop yesterday. The workshop focused on developing some components of the ASEAN Referencing Report and an informal peer review exercise which served as a venue for learning exchange from…

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CLIP helping ASEAN members to start-up national competition enforcers

Siem Reap, 19 October 2017 – When businesses compete, customers can choose the suppliers with the best products and the best prices. This puts pressure on producers to supply what consumers want efficiently and at a low cost. It also encourages innovation. Competition law is an important part of the policy mix required to promote…

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Improving the Quality Standards of ASEANs Patent Examination based on International Standards and Best Practices

Five Australian patent examiners recently travelled to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Viet Nam, and Thailand offering bespoke mentoring to IP offices as they improve their training capacity. These visits were the first face-to-face visits of the recently established launched Regional Patent Examination Training (RPET) Mentoring Program. RPET mentoring is the next stage for the award winning…

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ASEAN to Strengthen Cooperation on Competition Law Enforcement

Manila, 30 August 2017 – Officials from ASEAN gathered in Manila from 28 to 30 August 2017 to discuss the means to strengthen cooperation on competition law enforcement. Each ASEAN Member State is working to implement national competition law in-line with the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) commitments. Competition law is essential for creating an integrated,…

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ASEAN underscores quality assurance in ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework implementation supported by AANZFTA

MANILA, 13 July 2017 – The second meeting of the ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF) Committee was held in Manila, Philippines from 12 to 13 July 2017 to discuss the important role of quality assurance in the process of referencing National Qualification Frameworks (NQFs) of participating ASEAN Member States to the AQRF. The AQRF is…

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Lao PDR Pledges Further Investment Climate Reforms; Welcomes AANZFTA Support and OECD Advice to Attract Quality Investment

Vientiane, 11 July 2017 – Lao PDRs Vice-Minister of Planning and Investment, Dr. Khamlien Pholsena, launched the OECD Investment Policy Review of Lao PDR on 11 July in Vientiane, amidst Ambassadors and representatives of OECD and ASEAN Member States, members of the Government, development partners and private sector representatives. Referring to key recommendations from the…

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Australian and ASEAN Competition Regulators Cooperate on Strategic Investigation Skills under AANZFTA

Ho Chi Minh, 19 to 21 June 2017 – Like sporting teams, companies best strive and improve when facing competition. Rivalry between businesses is now widely understood to be a key means for companies to deliver innovation and efficiency, resulting in better distributed economic growth as well as choice and value for consumers. With the…

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AANZFTA Explores Leniency Programs to Tackle Business Collusion

Auckland, New Zealand, 1-2 June 2017. When businesses collude, they can raise prices of goods and services beyond what the market would otherwise tolerate. If left unchecked, this reduces incentives for business innovation and efficiency while consumers are left to bear the burden of high prices. The effective detection of cartels is vital in avoiding…

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AANZFTA Promotes Good Regulatory Practice to Facilitate Trade in the Food and Beverage Sectors

Auckland, 31 May 2017 – Good Regulatory Practice (GRP) plays an important role in preventing technical barriers to trade. GRP refers to the discipline of good rule-making based on global experience on how to regulate in ways that avoid obstacles to trade. GRP is a key focus area of the AANZFTA STRACAP work plan implementation…

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Way Forward for ASEAN Competition

Selangor, 12 March 2017 – As ASEAN turns 50, the 7th ASEAN Competition Conference (7th ACC) highlighted the various achievements in strengthening the competition environment in the region. Nine ASEAN Member States have enacted their competition laws, with growing awareness of the importance of a more level playing field in enhancing the competitiveness of ASEAN…

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Benefits of AANZFTA to ASEAN

ASEAN Member States are expected to reap the following benefits from AANZFTA: Increased market access via progressive tariff reduction and elimination. Zero tariffs at entry into force of the Agreement in 2010 for 96.5 percent, and 84.7 percent of Australia and New Zealand’s tariff lines. Further tariff reduction during transition until final tariff elimination for…

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Economic Cooperation in AANZFTA

The Chapter on Economic Cooperation supports the implementation of the AANZFTA and maximises the benefits Parties receive from the Agreement by ensuring that Parties utilise AANZFTA and are able to fulfill and comply with the obligations and commitments detailed in other chapters of the Agreement. To implement the Chapter on economic cooperation, an AANZFTA Economic…

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Case Study of The Regional Patent Examination Training Program: Philippine Experience

Case Study of The Regional Patent Examination Training Program: Philippine Experience The Regional Patent Examination Training (RPET) Program is a modern, comprehensive, and intensive competency-based online training program, developed based on IP Australia’s existing patent examiner training framework. RPET aims to build the capacities of the participating ASEAN Intellectual Property Offices in conducting patent search…

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