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Overview of The AANZFTA Economic Cooperation Support Programme (AECSP)

To implement the AANZFTA Chapter on 'Economic Cooperation', the AANZFTA Economic Cooperation Support Programme (AECSP) was established in 2010 comprised of two components - the Economic Cooperation Work Programme (ECWP) and the AANZFTA Support Unit (ASU) in the ASEAN Secretariat.

  • The ECWP consists of annual programmes outlining the objectives and assistance provided to Parties across the following eight components linked to key chapters of the AANZFTA, namely: Rules of Origin; Customs Procedures; Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures; Standards, Technical Regulations and Conformity Assessment; Services; Investment; Intellectual Property; and Competition.
  • The ASU was established to assist the Parties in implementing the AANZFTA through the ECWP and supporting the FTA Joint Committee in monitoring and tracking the implementation of the AECSP.

The AECSP is aimed at contributing to and supporting:

  • the operationalisation of AANZFTA so that implementation difficulties are kept to a minimum;
  • AANZFTA's built-in agenda, including preparatory work and any necessary capacity development activities;
  • economic integration among and strengthening the links between the Parties; and
  • business utilisation of AANZFTA opportunities.